by Rita Baugh

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This album was funded using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It was mostly recorded in my living room in one or two takes using professional gear.


released December 16, 2013

All songs written & performed by Rita Baugh. Additional performers are Matt Cowe on lead guitar, Ben Steel on cajon, Ken Stringfellow - bass & midi instruments on 'Snow In Spring' and Pete Dent & Simon Hanson, midi instruments. Recorded & produced by Pete Dent, mixed & mastered by Simon Hanson of ImoProductions (except 'Snow In Spring' which was recorded, produced and mixed by Ken Stringfellow and 'Round' which was recorded by Simon Hanson). Album cover designed by Ben Steel.


all rights reserved



Rita Baugh England, UK

Dutch singer-songwriter now living in Cumbria

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Track Name: David Attenborough
In my washing up bowl,
The suds catch the light,
Glitter like crystal in underground grottos,
The waves lap the shore of my sink evermore..

The music from my radio
Drifts in and out, and to and fro
And mingles with the mundane thoughts in my head
About dinner and errands to run,
Wishing I'd only had one bun,
Yearning for romance and a little bit of drunken fun.

But who is there to care
About the life of a housewife?
David Attenborough's not there,
Filming the secret life of a housewife.

At the dinner table
I spray a glistening mist
Onto a dirty old j-cloth and wipe it,
All the crusty old bits of yesterday's dinner.

I used to be beautiful and kind,
So easy to please, so easy to be with,
But now my life isn't mine,
And all the unresolved longings are buried inside,
So I moan and I whine,
And I whine and I moan.
Track Name: Waiting for the Morning
If you walk out that door
I won't see you any more.
You're treating me so nice tonight
But you leave me wanting more,
Wanting more.

'Don't show, don't show
Your real self to him,' says my head,
Says my head.
'They don't want to see the truth of you,
Get back to his bed, back to his bed,
Back to his bed.'

He's touched me with his fingers,
And with his mind,
With his eyes.
I've laid it all on the table,
But I'm telling more lies,
Telling more lies.

'Hot love, cold love,
I'll take whatever I get,'
Says my heart,
Screams my heart.
'And if you think this is all over,
Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.'

'Cause in this darkness
I'm being reborn.
In this darkness,
Waiting for the morning.
Track Name: Walking Alone
You say you care, care for me,
So why don't you dare for me?
You're so afraid to let go, come out and play,
You're wasting all your time away

You tell me that you love me, really love me,
So why don't you really love me?
I mean really, really, really love me.
Don't you know, love is not just a word,
Don't you know, love is a verb -
You gotta do it.

So take me in your arms again,
And don't you let go, ever again.
'Cause I'm so tired of being alone,
And I need your arms to keep me warm.

This world is just a ball,
Spinning between the stars,
You gotta make those stars your home.
Aren't you tired of looking at your feet hitting the ground?
Aren't you tired of walking alone?
Track Name: Round
Hold me in your arms,
Make my world round again

When you hold me in your arms,
You make the world round again.

If I'm not by your side,
Where else could I be?
If I'm not in your eyes,
Who else is there to see me?

Your senses make my world disappear,
Your lips on my skin make time not begin,
And your love around my heart
Means I can't ever die,
And kissing you, love,
Is like kissing the sky.

Hold me in your arms,
Make my world round again.
Track Name: Housebound
I'm on the line,
Waiting for you to come round to my side
I've got the time
To sit around thinking these days.

Housebound housewife,
This is my life,
Rain or sunshine,
It's all mine.

I feel like a bird
Locked up in a cage of gold, sometimes,
But it won't be long
'Till I'm in the blue again.

Dreaming daily,
Soon I will fly free,
Hope you're with me,
My love.

You can't hold me,
I will fly free,
You should join me.

This is our life,
I'm still your wife,
You should join me,
My love.
Track Name: Ukulele Song
Rain may come and rain may fall,
I don't mind, I'm in the thrall of you,

Are you too shy to speak your mind to me,
Scared to tell me what you see
Or just thick-skinned?

I've been waiting quite a while
With my pin to prick your skin
How can you not see?

I'd rather play my ukulele
At least it makes me happy
I'd rather play my ukulele.

Rain was sweet, now it's acid,
I'm stuck home with our two kids while you
Pay the rent.

Our hearts are mortgaged to the hilt,
Why did we let our dreams be killed?
We lost the fight.
Track Name: Careful Heart
Take me as I am, and we could go far,
Not everybody has to have a carefree heart.
Take me to the bridge, take me to the stars,
I never told you that I had a carefree heart.

A carefree heart,
A heart that flutters in the breeze,
A carefree heart,
I'd live a life of ease,
But I can't be carefree.

Hung up as I am, always wanting more,
Always wishing that I played a better part,
I hope one day I can just let life flow,
Perhaps then I won't have to have a careful heart.

A careful heart,
A heart that's seen too much,
A careful heart,
I need a gentle touch,
I want to start my careful heart.
Track Name: Space Girl
You're looking at me with your hands on your hips,
And I wish I had something to say,
Looking at you looking at me looking away.
I look at the door with goodbye on my lips,
Yes it's true, I'm running away,
Looking at you looking at me looking away.

I'm gonna be a spacegirl.

I'm stuck on the ground, but I wanna be free,
I wanna fly with my eyes on the stars,
Looking at you looking at me looking away.
I'm gonna fuel up and I'm gonna be me,
I hope you won't try to stand in my way,
Looking at you looking at me looking away.

I'm gonna be a spacegirl.
Track Name: The Navy
I was young, I suppose,
But not as young as all that.
I was ready to settle down,
And I met a sweet man.

He had soul in his eyes,
He was cute and he was kind,
But he was a military man,
I didn't think about that.

Now the navy has my husband,
And he sings 'God Save the Queen'
And he holds my heart a prisoner,
Oh, the navy sank my dreams.

Well, things moved kind of fast,
We got married the next summer,
Oh, it was the sweetest kind of life
Playing husband and wife.

We had babies, and things changed,
He disappeared into the sea.
He forgot about his heart,
And he forgot about me.

Now the navy has my husband,
And they dress him oh so well,
But my children have no father,
And our marriage is an empty shell.

So if you see them marching,
Looking handsome, proud and smart,
Just remember my sad story,
Oh, the navy will break your heart.
Track Name: Snow In Spring
This cold's like a sin
Worming its way into my bones,
Too much time alone
Is chilling me.

Been waiting for the spring,
But snow is falling where the sun should be,
It looks so pretty
On the blossoming cherry plum trees.

But my heart won't bloom,
Can't find the room
To expand in my breast.
So I'm waiting for the thaw to come,
But the weather's undone,
Or so they say.

I invited you in,
I opened the door to you, my love,
Left my porchlight on,
But you didn't come.

Left me coming undone
In the noonlight, with the falling leaves,
And the dripping eaves,
And the everlasting rain.

Now the tears won't come,
And I'm struck dumb,
Though my mouth keeps mumbling on,
Saying nothing of what's dying in my heart,
And we're falling apart,
Or so they say.

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